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A oiler(greaser)  makes it possible to introduce lubricant = oil (grease) into a machine.
My collection of oilers makes it possible to see more than 126 models different of brass from the years 1860 with today with many photographs and short explanations.

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stauffer <<<  Grease cups
 Improved grease cups>>>
internal spring or leather
graisseur stauffer volu <<<< Ratchet-lock grease cups
Grease cup with a ball check valve >>>>
grese cups with valve
tous a vis Greaser with strong pressure
 <<< Screw Plunger Feed      
    Automatic Feed >>>
strong pressure
alemite and tecalemit Greaser for external pump (fitting)
<<< ALEMITE                      others >>>
tous_billeshuile.jpg (24033 octets)


exemple de bouchon <<< simple oiler stopper              .

                Primary cup oiler >>>
primary cup lunkenheimerdessins de deux poignes
primary cup <<< oiler with simple lid           . oiler with automatic closing >>> Image
faux oiler car regard de niveau <<< constant level  oiler               .

        oiler with vibration >>>
michaux oiler shaft lunkenheimer   icone MICHAUX
drip oiler <<< Drips oilers with punch        Wicks oiler >>> wicks oilers
pompe manuelle <<<manual pump                        .

.                    mechanics pump >>>
pompe mecanique

Only one greasing device by model is presented whereas generally several sizes exist.

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