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These oiler form part of "cup" oiler i.e. with a reserve. The pasty consistency of grease imposes an important pressure of evacuation. It is obtained manually by screwing of the hat which gives a pressure which pushes grease towards the zone to be lubricated via an opening located in the content of the greasing device.

simple grease cups

stauffer usiné

stauffer embouti

French model   They are known under the name of Stauffer which is the name of its inventor . This model still manufactured is pressed or machined. The Wanner company in France had already sold more than 8000000 oiler of the type "Stauffeur" in 1889

grease cup fonderie

stauffer embouti en deux pièces
Model with flat part for key of unscrewing and recent model with a base in two crimped parts
mac avity b greaser cup
Canadian model of the company Mac AVITY Double milling is explained by the size of the oiler which makes 8 cm of diamétre detail