Brass is
beautiful as gold
soft as a rare tree species
eternal as the diamond
resistant and flexible
nostalgic and modern
cultivated and convivial
timeless and always tendency

cuivre issu de Chypre en latin ( cuivre = bronze de Chypre )
a little of metallurgy
brass is a metal made up of copper with zinc additions from 5% to 45% and possibly of other metals in very weak proportioning. The maximum solubility of zinc is 39% at 450°C. The copper base of brass gives birth to it with prehistory at the time of the bronze age - 1500 years at 800 years BC -.The "true" bronze consists of a base coppers with tin additions. The development of brass increases at the end of the 1st century BC because the addition of zinc, whitish metal , strongly hardens it and gives him a yellow color gilded with zinc 15% and yellow with greenish reflection towards zinc 30%. Pure copper is red. Copper is more expensive than zinc.


The principal properties of brass are

a remarkable workability with 36% of zinc and 3% of lead are used as reference 100 for workability

a good corrosion resistance because the protective coating is more solid than for copper

a good aptitude for the hot towards 850°C or cold deformation according to the zinc content.

mechanical properties  :

break mechanical resistance    

   = 320 Mpa

electric conductivity   

  =  10-8 homs/m


   =  8,60

sheet brass pressed

moulded and machined brass

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