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The mechanisms of the automatic lids allow a filling on the top or on side. This last option is more practical for certain oil-cans.

chapeau_àressort_fermé.jpg (10509 octets) Filling on side thanks to a sliding hat in the body of the huilor detail
Filling on side accessible per rotation from the hat of the oiler detail
chapeau_ressort.jpg (15275 octets) System with stopper retained by a spring. detail

The stopper is retained by a spring for its automatic closing

couvercle_ressort_coté.jpg (24423 octets) The lid is assembled on hinge. Its automatic closing is carried out by a spring detail
chapeau_tournant_cote_2.jpg (21003 octets) Model with top access obtained by rotation of the hat detail
Tabat_riveté_cote_ferme.jpg (16289 octets) Model with leaf spring being used as hinge. detail
petit_tabatiere_coté_ferme.jpg (11075 octets) Type "tabatière". Le ressort de compression est positionné dans le corps du graisseur detail
tabatiere_fermé.jpg (16500 octets) Type "snuffbox" in massive brass detail
tabatiere_P_dessus_ouvert_2.jpg (10092 octets) Flat spring from closing visible with the opening. detail
oiler a ressort
The lid is closed automatically by a spring.

Modern Huilor (1960) of mark GITS - USA with the plastic body allowing to see the quantity of versed oil. The lid has a closing spring