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Pumps by manual action

Stauffer oiler type improved to allow the lubrication of a zone under pressure thanks to a no-return valve.

cuir.jpg (388048 octets) A manual effort on the leather hat actuates a vertical piston located in the center of the zone out of glass. detail
pression_plexi.jpg (434420 octets)

Huilor with hopper of filling

The handle of bottom puts oil in pressure to lubricate a zone of steam engine. The filling is done by opening the handle top.
pompe verticale
simple vertical piston pump. model entirely out of nickelled brass.

pompe horizontale

simple horizontal piston pump. The handles are out of wood what indicates that this model can be used on steam engines

oiler pomp Essex
model of pump imitating the manual water pumps. This model replaces the drips models when a great quantity is necessary detail