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The wicks allow a continuous but slow diffusion by   capillarity.

Simple model with lid in the shape of funnel without lid. An interior wick allows drip oil. This model is entirely machined.
wick oiler 405 Simple model raw of foundry detail
oiler cup wick 
simple model of funnel type supplemented by a central tube allowing the use of a wick. The models with wick always comprise a lid which can be aimed or emboity detail
Huilor with wick with stopper of closing by blade return spring located in the lid.



Very aesthetic model of huilor with wick. The lid is out of crushed bar. The wick is retained by a small pin to prevent that it falls.

mech_couvercle_cote.jpg (49625 octets)

 Model with wick with encased lid.

méche_verre_2.jpg (311813 octets)

model out of glass with wick of drip by capillarity. The rotation of the higher stopper makes it possible to put opposite two holes to obtain the opening of filling

oiler GITS
Model allowing a slow flow of oil by slow diffusion through a felt marked Gits

 Gits model with wick


Model of drip by diffusion through a felt wick. The spring is used to maintain this type of huilor in spite of the vibrations of the engines.