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The simplest huilor is a stopper which closes the opening of filling but doesn't facilitate the introduction of the lubricant
The brass stem is used as gauge with visualization of the correct level by the flattened zone knurled screw for manual unscrewing Stopper screw with slit of unscrewing Square head for unscrewing by key

bouchon jauge

Funnel type model which facilitates the filling. The tap allows a regulation of the flow
oiler cup droit right model with closing
cup oiler
Angled model with closing
icone michaux entonnoir MICHAUX model detail
huileur à double poignée  
model with a tank which acts like a "hopper" to make it possible to lubricate machines in overpressure.

  (Lunkenheimer catalogue,1920 )

These huilors can be fed by a tube attached to a great capacity drip oiler.

cup oiler lunkenheimer cups with oiler