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follow-up of the updates

date object detail
January 6, 2001
setting on the Web
first version

April 15, 2001
pages creation
drip    : essex2001,   essexbille,
other oilers : ressor_essex1, ressort_esserx2,
funnel         : entonnoirvisessex
follow-up of the modifications: page present

May 15, 2003
pages creation
automatic lid : HCHAPRE3
automatic lid : Gplexi
automatic lid : denco
automatic lid : rauzy
follow-up of the modifications: page present and of the mothers pages of those

January 15, 2005
complete recasting
improved classification many additions, creation of external links
in progress  translation in American
separation of the traditiona oilers/huilors and those for "pressure tank"