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The lower part out of steel is used as pump. The higher tube transports oil under pressure towards the zone to be oiled.

The advantage of this type of huilor is a visualization of the flow by the "window" out of glass which makes it possible to see the drops oil to go up in a water column along the wire.

La régulation est obtenue par le réglage de la hauteur de la tige avec l'anneau qui définit la course du piston de pompe The regulation is obtained by the height adjustment of the stem with the ring which defines the travel of the piston of the pump

The mechanism presented is not a part (out of brass) of a lubricant which comprises as much of this type of mechanism only of point to be lubricated. This type of mechanical huilor takes again the mode of visual monitoring of the old distributors by integrating the pump in the bottom of the mechanism. It is still manufactured.

. book of 1909