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Thanks more particularly thank Jean Paul, Jean Yves and Michel who offered the essential bases to me to the creation of a site and Marie-Annick who showed understanding patience. I also thank, André, Roland, Jean Claude, Emmanuel, Barbara & Justin, Arnaud for their assistance. 

This site was possible by the existence of the "physical" collection started in 1972. The idea of a Web site was born at the beginning of 2000. My virtual life already allowed me to be Master of the Galaxy and Emperor of the Universe, twice. This life had become a dead end without chalenge. The creation of this site gave me a new virtual life. I thus left the megalomaniac plays of Emperor of the Universe to become Mister the Conservative, virtual function differently more cultural!

Creation, page-setting, documentation, the photographs asked for 12 months of efforts, perseverance and permanent research to obtain the current site *. the principal difficulty was the image processing and the choice of page-setting

Then the recovery in 2005 was a new concern for the reorganization by family of greasing device and the addition of the 45 new pages.