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The piston of pumping is consisted by the stem E. This stem is in reciprocating motion by its off-centeri D on the rtoothed centered in C.
The pawl B fixed on the base of the oiler imposes the direction of rotation dela toothed wheel
pawl A gives the rotary movement to the toothed wheel because it is integrated into the stem of pumping. This stem is moving of comings and goings because a play of rod connects it to the rotary axis to lubricate. The output flowcontrol is obtained by the adjustment of the value S of exentrage and arm of lever. A ball valve is imperative so that the pump is effective


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The stem J is in reciprocating motion by a rod fixed in M. The pawl E of the stem gives a continuous rotation to the wheel with tooth. The wheel with tooth comprises a pawl no-return valve out of N a measuring rod offset on the wheel with tooth gives nouvement comings and goings to the piston which takes the oil of the tank fixed in A to distribute it under pressure out of C towards the zone to be lubricated. The longuer of the bottom of lever J is adjustable in K to adjust the flow of the pump a ball valve is imperative so that the pump is effice. .
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