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ratchet-lock   grease cupprevius

The oiler has a sheet metal looks like a daisy with with the petals in hollows folded up towards the center which are adjusted in a part of the hat which is similar by machining . A sensitive effort is felt when one turns the hat to reason des compressions / laxities of the spring. These oilers date 1930.
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these patters are exceptional grease cups for service where vibration is especially severe.
The pins prohibit to unscrew the cap .Also we must block the foot in its lowest position.  
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pour graisseropen ratchet-lock  ratchet-lock

French greaser LEFEBVRE of the 1920.
 F and B are in the same disk of steel. The spring pushes disk C against the disk B + F .
It takes an important effort of rotation to go out "b" "c".
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link for catalog of LEFEBVRE 1922

french grease cup LEFEBVRE dessin