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Oils permit to achieve some drips by mechanical regulating. -see explanation -

 These systems gave of the most beautifu loilers.

  see also set 1
chaine_fermé.jpg (333989 octets)
Model with chain closing of the replenishment opening.
clapet_coté.jpg (78404 octets)
Model with closing by pawl of the replenishment opening. The needle of regulation includes a pawl to facilitate the regulating of the drip.
àclou_cote.jpg (24313 octets) The shape of the lid is a funnel to facilitate the replenishment of the huilor. But this model doesn't permit a closing of the replenishment opening (see detail) detail
petit_chapeauàtrou..jpg (77261 octets)
System of closing by rotation of a part of the lid. This principle permits a funnel of replenishment and a complete closing
huileur henry à poignée Henry model with handful used to lubricate the bearing detail
huileur goutte à goutte moderne Recent model in fine sheet metal and transparent plastic detail
oiler very old model with a regulating by needle screw and a glass marked in relief detail
verre-droit_clair.jpg (34087 octets)
Model made of sheet metal offering many modern industrialization advantage: embossed sheet metal , right glass, spring closing, therefore a weak price for all advantages of the oilers of 1860.
modéle coudé llubricator model, Michigan detail
oiler crow mythical model of Lunkenheimer compagny detail